Zom's Useful Synonyms for Balls

Hey smut writers. Having a hard day in the sweaty, moan-filled mines of the naughty imagination cave? Do you find yourself yearning for synonyms that truly capture the beauty and majesty of nature’s most important dangly bits? Well yearn no more! Here it is, the masterpost no one wanted you’ve all been waiting for: every term I could think of to describe testicles!!

  • Leathery man hamsters
  • Sacks of surging flappiness
  • Wiggly wand huggers
  • Shriveled, quivering seed warmers
  • Bulbous thwappin’ sacks
  • Bean bag rejects
  • Dryer lint covered sweat holders
  • Stanky dribblers
  • Ticklish twitchers
  • Discarded giblets full o’ gravy
  • Crevice keepers
  • Wrinkled thrusting pillows
  • Veiny crotch pouches
  • Hairy muppet eyes
  • Dick cushions
  • Penis pals
  • Balding, twitchy gerbils
  • Trembling love juice holders
  • Naughty nuggets
  • Floppy. Just floppy. 
  • Dejected gerbils
  • Sad sin saucemakers
  • Gonzo’s empty stare
  • Kibbles and bitterness
  • God’s lumpy accidents
  • Rubbery dickstache mounts

Well, I think that’s about all I have in me for now. Feel free to add your own!

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