Playing Tales of Xillia 2

I wish it were easier to take screenshots of the PS3 because there is some shit in Tales of Xillia 2 that is absolutely bananas.

Shoutout to:

- the office dude huddled in an orange sleeping bag under his desk, with only his dead, polygonal gaze unveiled

- the pseudo-silent protagonist I am calling Anime Link

- the Boss Man with lightning bolt eyebrows bc he needed to be more Extra than anything has ever been before

- the party hat I’m making Doctor Puncho (Jude) wear into battle

- fat cat named Rollo

- elevator music literally everywhere

- the music in the corporation building sounding like some shit out of Sonic Adventure


Also I still can’t believe this game is forcing me to pay a loan responsibly and yet I haven’t quit yet. Probs cause they have literally given me an army of kitties to control who bring me rad shit. Also: anime feelings to the extreeeeeeeme.

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