On Dieting

I’ve seen a lot of posts about dieting lately, and I just wanted to say:

I lost 40 lbs since April and I’ve been eating fast food the whole time. I get McDonald’s at least once a week, usually 2-3 because it’s close to work and cheap, and I don’t have time to prep lunches for myself most days. I order Big Macs a lot of the time, because they’re the most filling and I like the sauce.

I do that, and I’ve lost weight. My secret? I just avoid the fries. That’s…pretty much it. I avoid the fries and eat abt 1500-1800 calories a day worth of shit that’s got protein in it bc protein gives me sweet fuckin muscles. That’s pretty much my whole nutrition system. I shove as much protein as I can down my gullet, I avoid fries, and I switched to zero calorie drinks 80% of the time.

I do work out, but even if I weren’t working out, 1500-1800 calories would still be a deficit for MOST people’s metabolism, so you’d lose weight on this “diet” too. If losing weight is a goal, which it doesn’t have to be and if you ask me I would recommend literally any other goal to shoot for. Aim for lifting the heaviest fucking thing in your house, and workout till you get there. Aim to run faster than a horse and run on tracks or treadmills chasing that dream. Aim to beat the highest score you have ever seen in DDR and you dance your little heart out until kids in Asian arcades WEEP at the mention of your name. Anything but staring at the finicky, discontent, cold, uncaring, and uncontrollable numbers on that scale and setting your happiness and self-worth on their decrease.

Also, I eat baked Cheetos all the time bc they’re fucking delicious.

Eat what makes you happy. Do it in moderation if you must, or alter it just enough so that it fits whatever lifestyle makes you happiest. There is no evil food, no magic type to cut out that will cure all your ails and immediately make you ripped as fuck and able to run a 5k while writing a dissertation and performing CPR on asthmatic orphans.

Exercise with shit you like doing, and eat the food you like, and your body will find its happy place. Then you, in turn, will find a happy place. It may not be the one you thought you were chasing, but I promise you it’s just as good, if not better.


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