Good Stuff

Hey the year is almost over and so here is a list of things that I discovered this year that brought me endless hours of joy and happiness. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. 

1. Zelda: Breath of the Wild

2. Good Girls Revolt (the TV show that was aired on Amazon Video. Fuck, that show was so damn good and I will NEVER be okay with the fact that it only got one season).

3. Weightlifting. I’m getting swol so that I can save all of you when the apocalypse comes. I will carry you with my meaty biceps and trunk-like thighs onto a sturdy city built out of boats, and together we will rule the seas, coming ashore to murder nazis and steal their supplies in order to continue our existence. I WILL GET STRONG FOR ALL OF YOU. NO MAN OR WOMAN OR NONBINARY INDIVIDUAL WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. 


5. TWRP (Tupperware Remix Party). This band is magnificent and I have no comprehension of how they can exist in our universe. This is perhaps because they are not from our universe, but have traveled here because they heard we are having a bad time and just needed one fucking thing to be good and pure and not Milkshake Duck, for fuck’s sake it’s a goddamn miracle it’s music with no moral implications and a song about body positivity and another about saving our FUCKING PLANET. LISTEN TO THESE CELESTIAL BEINGS GIFT US WITH DOPE SOUNDS AND POWERFUL MESSAGES, THEIR PURITY WILL CLEANSE YOUR SOUL SO THAT YOU MAY CONTINUE TO CLAW YOUR WAY THROUGH THIS DIRE EXISTENCE UNTIL WE FINALLY, BLISSFULLY, SAVAGELY CREATE A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE GOD DAMNED TUNNEL. 

6. Sailor J’s YouTube channel:

Fuck, I forgot about Dream Daddy. Look, it’s been a long year, but that game definitely needs to be on this list so I AM ADDING IT.

Everybody play it and give the devs love because it’s amazing writing and all around quality. 😍

The Death of 2017, the Birth of 2018: Let's Get Shit Done