The Choosing Chain

Every choice makes a new link in the chain. Not everyone asks to be made into the chain. Not everyone chooses to try to leave it, either.

But the choice is always there.

The Choosing Chain is a collection of short stories that follow the links of one chain to their end. Can a chain of abuse be broken? Do those that forge their chains find peace when they’re gone? Does every choice have a consequence, even when they weren’t given options?

The answers are in the choosing, in a chain that never ends.


A fanfiction inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons web series, Dice, Camera, Action! 

***written prior to the allegations against Jared and Holly came to light. This piece will remain up as part of my writing portfolio, but it is not an endorsement of their behavior or a sign of support. My official stance is that both of them have behaved questionably and in ways that are unhealthy and not conducive to people who aim to be positive mental health advocates, nor has it represented healthy ways to partake in polyamory or sexually open relationships. While the whole story cannot be known to anyone outside of the situation, I have seen enough to know that there were emotionally destructive actions taken by both Holly and Jared that I do not support.


A ridiculous fantasy novel about the unluckiest boy who ever existed, who gets roped into saving the world by a murderous unicorn. 

Maximum Thrustitude

A fanfiction inspired by the song "6969", written and performed by Ninja Sex Party.

"The record of the events that happened when the time criminals Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian arrived in the year 6969."

A Hundred Years in the Making

A fanfiction inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

"The story before the story began. A hundred and one years before, to be exact."

Updates currently in progress, this is the fic I am actively working on!